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Editing Your Promo Page

Including Promo Pages on your website allows you to add beautiful, customized sections to highlight a specific topic, display a video or an image, or add a call-to-action element.

To edit a Promo page:

  1. In the Editor, click on Pages. 
  2. Locate your Promo page, or add it as a new page, and click on the Edit button next to it. 
  3. Every promo page includes the option to add three lines of Text and set the Background Design as an image, changing images, video, or color. You can also edit the text color. 
  4. There are many types of Promo pages to choose from. Change the layout of the promo to choose between Embedded Video, Popup Video Icon, 50/50 Promo page, Embedded Image, Buttons, Custom Form, Search Tool, Mailing List Subscription Field and Social Media Links.
  5. For every call-to-action, another relevant section will be added such as email receiver on the form, video URL, etc.

Please note: 

  • A Promo page is not an actual page but more of a section on your website. Therefore it is not possible to change the name of a Promo page or have it shown on the Website Menu or inside a Category.
  • Some of the Promo pages include more than one call-to-action element. Switch between the layouts to choose the one that best suits you.
  • You can read more about Call-To-Action, Custom Form Builder, and Using the Mailing List Tool.

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