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Five SEO Tools to Boost Your Website

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, the science of ranking high on a search engine index without paying for advertising. It is also known as organic search results. High ranking on organic search results provides more traffic to your website without paying for ads.

These are the five tools you can use to improve your website's SEO results:

  • Edit your website's Meta Tags - Meta tags are text designed to describe the website's content. The meta tags will appear inside the website's source code. They function as a content description when search engines scan the web to find websites relevant to a user's search result.
    They are also displayed in the search results, therefore it is crucial for the text to be written as a marketing text, to make your website stand out compared to your competitors.
    Read more about Meta Tags.

  • Include your Keywords in the Content - Keywords are the topics that best define your website's content. For SEO (search engine optimization), they are the terms people enter in the search engine - called "search queries". If you summarize all of the content on your website into words and phrases, those would be your primary keywords.
    The goal of a content creator and website owner is to make sure that the keywords are as relevant as possible to what the users are searching for, which will help more people find the website when searching the web.

  • Connect a Custom Domain - A custom domain name is the most important thing to consider for improving how your customers see your website. Your website will be considered as a professional and reliable to your users and visitors if it has a custom domain name. Having a professional website allows you to better connect with your visitors and make sure they don’t look for your competitors. You need to build trust and your visitors need to feel safe when browsing your site.

    With a custom domain name, people will take your website seriously, you'll be in control of your own email addresses, and it will provide your website with an unmistakable brand.
    Read more about Connecting Your Own Domain to your website.

  • Connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools - Using the Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) helps you assess your site's SEO performance and traffic, fix issues, and submit your sitemap and URLs for fast indexing. You can even see which searches bring the most users to your website!
    Try it out and analyze your site's impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search.
    Read more about connecting your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Use 301 Redirect Tool - A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one website URL to another website URL. 301 redirects forward site visitors and search engine traffic from a different URL than the one originally entered into a browser or chosen from a search engine results page.
    301 redirects are essential in making sure your SEO is as accurate as possible. When a brand is editing old pages and creating new ones, a 301 redirect maintains the inbound links to the original URL on the migrated new URL. This keeps your web traffic coming to your site, and prevents losing potential business.
    Read more about using the 301 Redirect Tool.

SITE123 offers an SEO Adviser Tool that will help you understand what are the necessary actions you need to do to boost your website’s SEO. 

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